Soothing Feet Cream - Rock Ya Feet

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What is Soothing Feet Cream Rock Ya Feet?

Contains a light exfoliant to stimulate collagen production and circulation in the skin as well as peppermint and essential oils to attack the bacteria and other pathogens which promote foot odour.

The result is a light refreshing cream that smells wonderful, relaxes and sweetens the feet in many ways while gently increasing your circulation.

Ingredient List

Distilled water, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, glycerl stearate, beeswax, MSM, xanthum gum, glycerin, urea, sodium chloride, citrus oil, peppermint oil.

Directions for use

Massage a small amount into your feet until fully absorbed. For best results, have a loved one or partner apply for you, for at least 10 minutes each foot.